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Professional Powder Coating That Packs A Punch

If it's made from metal, we can coat it!

Electrostatic Magic Ltd is a local metal coating company in Peterborough that you can trust for high-quality powder coating.


Metal Powder Coating, Redefined

Electrostatic Magic Ltd is a trusted company based in Peterborough that specialises in powder coating. Whether it is for a racing car chassis or a metal staircase, high-quality powder coating is a highly durable alternative to applying multiple paint coatings. 

Powder coating
Powder coated alloy

An Experienced, Specialist Team

With over 40 years of powder coating experience behind us, we can get even the toughest jobs done with ease. Our customers range from sports and racing car manufacturers to fabrication and metal work businesses. We have built a solid reputation by providing reliable services and high-quality powder coat finishes in a huge range of colours and styles.

Alloy Wheel
powder coat gun

We can powder coat metal surfaces in a range of colours and offer a variety of finishes, so whatever you want to have coated, we can find the perfect colour and style! 

We use a huge oven which measures 6m x 2m x 2m. This specialist powder coating oven ensures that each individual coating has a perfect finish and is as durable as you need it to be!


Powder coating being sprayed

Check Out Some Of Our Fantastic Reviews

Just what you want from a powder coater

"Very friendly, professional and good value powder coaters. Excellent range of colours and finishes available as well. Great local business"

PeterF-294, Review
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