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Powder coated alloy wheels

Powder Coating For Alloy Wheels


Keep Your Alloy Wheels Pristine And Resistant To Chemicals, Corrosion And Weather.

At Electrostatic Magic in Peterborough, we are a team with over 40 years of industry experience. We have been offering powder coating and metal coating for alloy wheels since we were established in 2016 and we have a huge number of very satisfied customers. Find out why our services are so popular with local car owners by getting in touch today.

Choosing to have your alloy wheels powder coated gives you the flexibility of choosing how they look, what colour they are and the type of finish. Perfect for super cars, racing cars and more, you also get the extreme protection for your wheels that traditional liquid paint, simply doesn't offer. Our prices are competitive too, so call now!

Alloy Wheel

A long lasting finish that is extremely durable

If you are looking for the ultimate hard wearing, weather resistant finish for your alloy wheels, get in touch with the team at Electrostatic Magic in Peterborough. We offer powder coating for any metal surface, including alloy wheels. Powder coating is a unique 'skin' created by applying powder electrostatically and then curing it under heat to create thermoplastic or thermoset-polymer.

Powder coating in action

Experienced Metal Coating Company In Peterborough Who Work With A Range Of Products

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