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Security Safes Being Powder Coated

Powder Coating Services For Security Safes


A Unique Metal Coating That Provides An Extra Layer Of Protection

At Electrostatic Magic, we have an amazing reputation for fantastic finishes, excellent customer service and competitive prices. We are extremely proud of the number of 5* reviews we have received since we opened in Peterborough in 2016 and we are able to work with most metal surfaces.

We are able to work with individual customers who want their personal safe powder coated, as well as businesses that have more than one security safe and even security safe manufacturers. Our quotes are free, so why not get in touch to find out more today?


Prevent Corrosion and Keep Metal Strong

Powder coating can be applied to any metal surface. It is designed to help keep metal strong, secure and can stop corrosion which is why the team at Electrostatic Magic understand how perfect the treatment is for security safes. The process involves having your security safe covered in powder which is electrostatically charged and then cured. This forms a protective layer or 'skin' of thermoset polymer or thermoplastic.

Powder coated alloy

Choose The Powder Coating Specialists In Peterborough To Treat A Range Of Objects

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