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security mesh gate

Powder Coating For Safety Rails And Meshes


Protection From The Elements For Safety Rails And Metal Surfaces

There are many reasons why powder coating is beneficial for pipes, railings, security fences and other metal surfaces, the main one being protection. Our powder coats offer protection for the safety rails themselves and also for the people using them. Using the powder coating process rather than traditional liquid paint creates a more even surface and can even act as an insulator to extreme cold or extreme heat.

Choosing to have a safety rail or mesh surface treated with our specialist services means you also have versatility when it comes to choosing the colour and finish. The team at Electrostatic Magic have more than 40 years of experience and we tailor our services to each client. Talk to us about powder coating for gates, and safety railings today and find out why we have such a great reputation in the Peterborough area.

powder coated safety rails

A Smooth, Even And Protective Coating

Powder coating is extremely useful as a protective layer on safety rails and meshes. At Electrostatic Magic, we have been providing powder coating services for railings and other metal surfaces for over 6 years. The powder coating process involves applying powder electrostatically and then curing it to create the protective layer of thermoplastic or thermoset-polymer. We have a huge oven which measures 6m x 2m x 2m and can accommodate safety rails and mesh that may be too large for other companies.

Safety Rails powder coated in bright blue

Experienced Protective Coating Specialists In Peterborough Who Work With A Range Of Products

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