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Powder Coating For Security Shutters and Doors


A precise paint finish with no streaking or drips

When it comes to painting security shutters and doors, you want to ensure that you get a hard-wearing, durable finish over the whole surface. Powder coating is a fantastic technique which ensures an even coverage of our specialist thermoplastic or thermoset-polymer. Stronger and more durable than liquid paint, powder coating also enables a very precise finish.

At Electrostatic Magic, we trust our powder coating to provide bold colours, durability and a high quality finish on any metal security shutter or gate. We have over 40 years' experience within the industry and we work with you to ensure your metal is getting the treatment it deserves. Powder coating prevents rust, corrosion and forms a protective barrier against wear and tear.

security gate

Durable, scratch resistant paint finishes

At Electrostatic Magic, we apply powder coating to security shutters and doors to ensure they have a long-lasting, tough and durable finish. Our process involves electrostatically spraying the powder onto the shutter or door surface and then curing it in our huge 6m oven. We get fantastic finishes, every time and can apply powder coating in a colour of your choice, including a clear finish! Get in touch to find out more.

Powder coated alloy

Powder Coating Experts In Peterborough Since 2016

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