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Bespoke Powder Coating For Radiators


Don't Compromise When It Comes To Interior Design And Metalwork

If you are designing the interior of your dreams, one of the things that can put a spanner in the works is having to accommodate for pipework, radiators and other metal fittings. But you don't have to compromise! The process of powder coating means that you can choose the colour and finish of any metal object!

At Electrostatic Magic, we specialise in powder coatings for radiators in both domestic and commercial settings. We work with private individuals and also radiator manufacturers to ensure they get the coating and finish they want. Powder coating prevents rust, protects from the heat and is even available in a clear finish, for a rustic metal design.


Any radiator, any colour!

Did you know that powder coating is possible in a huge range of colours and finishes? Using powder coating to cover a metal radiator is the perfect way to ensure your radiator is not only protected, but also looks exactly how you want it to. The radiator essentially gets a new 'skin' made up of thermoplastic or thermoset-polymer. Find out more by contacting the experts at Electrostatic Magic.

Powder coated alloy

Experts With Over 40 Years Of Experience In The Powder Coating Industry

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