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Metal stairs close up

Powder Coating For Staircases And Metal Artwork


A wide range of colours, and finishes for any type of decorative metal structure

From individual artwork made up of metal components to structural pieces designed to fit staircases, our team can provide a comprehensive powder coating surface to suit your needs. Our metal fabrication coatings can be applied in a huge range of colours - whatever design aesthetic you are looking for, we can help you achieve it.

Not only do our powder coatings help your metalwork and art look the part, they also provide protection that is far stronger and more durable than traditional liquid paint. Perfect for metal staircases that will suffer wear and tear or for external art pieces made from metal that need to withstand the elements.

Metal Coating in any colour or finish

Powder Coating is a fantastic way of coating metal to achieve the perfect colour and finish. At Electrostatic Magic, we work with local metal fabricators and artists to provide powder coating that suits their needs. We apply the powder using electrostatic technology and then cure it in our 6m x 2m x 2m oven! This creates a thermoplastic 'skin' which can give the perfect finish to your metalwork.

Freddy Mercury artwork
Metal Flowers
spiral staircase

Professional Metal Fabrication Coating Experts Based in Peterborough

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